(Combo) Husky & His White Cat Shizun (Vol 1 To Vol 4) : by Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou
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(Combo) Husky & His White Cat Shizun (Vol 1 To Vol 4) : by Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou

Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou
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As Mo Ran accompanies Chu Wanning in pursuit of the mastermind behind the mysterious incidents plaguing his life reborn, Mo Ran finds his hatred for his teacher beginning to waver. Yet all too soon, disaster strikes again: the opening of the Heavenly Rift, a tear in the fabric of the world that would set hell’s most terrible demons loose upon humanity.

Despite all he has seen since rebirth, Mo Ran is unprepared to face the greatest tragedy of his past life—the calamity that turned him against his teacher forever and set him on the lonely path to a bloodstained throne. If Mo Ran is to avoid this bitter fate, he must make a new choice and break with the past. But while the tragedy of this life may unfold differently, the sacrifices will be no less great.


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